Gigi Hadid appears to have laughed off her marijuana possession arrest by posting the message: “All’s well that ends well.”

The supermodel, 28, was lifted with her friend Leah Nicole McCarthy when customs officers scanned their luggage when they arrived at the Owen Roberts International Airport on 10 July for a holiday in the Cayman Islands.

After news of the arrest broke on Tuesday (18.07.23) night, Gigi has now posted a string of images of herself and her pals enjoying the sunshine break.

She captioned the carousel of images on her Instagram: “All’s well that ends well.”

In a video featured in the post, Gigi can be seen lounging in a beach chair along the shore and wearing a yellow bikini in another snap.

She also posted images of pals Alana O’Herlihy and Leah, and pates of oysters.

Leah posted her own set of images from the holiday, which she captioned:

“Being this cute – guilty on all charges.”

She also hinted at the arrest when she shared a bikini photo with the caption: “Busted.”

Gigi was searched by customs upon her arrival in the Caymans and when the border control agents put her luggage through a scanner, they found a “small amount of weed and smoking utensils”, according to TMZ.

The outlet added the mum-of-one and her friend were “arrested on charges of importation of marijuana and importation of utensils to smoke the cannabis”.

But it was later determined the drugs were for personal use only.

Gigi's arrest was processed at the Royal Cayman Islands Detention Center where she arranged for bail.

The model and her companion appeared in court two days after their arrest, on 2 July, where she was formally charged.

They pleaded guilty and were ordered to pay a $1,000 fine, but they left without a conviction on their records.

Gigi’s representative said: “Gigi was travelling with marijuana purchased legally in NYC with a medical license.

“It has also been legal for medical use in Grand Cayman since 2017. Her record remains clear and she enjoyed the rest of her time on the island.”