Giada De Laurentiis' finger felt the full force of an extra sharp blade during the Food Network star's Thanksgiving show on Saturday (November 23, 2013).

Giada De LaurentiisGiada de Laurentiis' Finger Was Almost A Gonner.

The TV chef was slicing a turkey she'd just finished cooking though managed to get the thing too close to her own hand. As such, Giada de Laurentiis' finger was almost no more.

"She seemed to go pale and got very quiet putting pressure on it and whispering to Ina (Garten) that it was bad," a witness told Radar Online. "She looked like she was about to faint."

Following the accident, De Laurentiis' finger also made its way onto Instagram.

"Before & After," she captioned the photo, showing the deep cut that ran along the side of her finger to her nail. "An adjustment to my normal mani! #backtonormalin2wks #thanksgivinglive"

De Laurentiis was being joined by fellow chefs Alton Brown and Bobby Flay on the show. "#savegiada's finger," Brown quipped on Twitter. "We did locate the end of Giada's left index finger in the stuffing. Rushing to hospital now."

The episode brought back memories of the classic Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Dan Aykroyd as the legendary chef Julia Child, who once cut her hand and bled profusely while shooting an episode of her show, The French Chef.

It just goes to show that even the professionals have accidents in the kitchen. When you're slicing the turkey this Thanksgiving guys, just be sure to keep those fingers out of the way. 

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