Gerry Rafferty's estate was worth $2.7 million (£1.7 million) at the time of his death, but none of the money will go to his beloved fiancee.
The 63-year-old Scottish songwriter, known for his iconic tracks Stuck In The Middle With You and Baker Street, died in January (11) after suffering liver failure, caused by years of heavy drinking.
After his passing, his partner Ezina Fuschini revealed she had been trying to help Rafferty ditch the booze since they met in a London cafe in 2008.
Rafferty's will has now surfaced and it shows that none of his fortune will go to Fuschini, as he wrote the official paper before he met her.
The late star bequeathed his California estate to his only daughter, Martha, and his songs royalties were left in trust for his granddaughter Celia.