Gerard Way dyed his hair red because he "didn't want to conform"

The My Chemical Romance singer decided having his hair styled into a long bright red streak was the best way to rebel against what was expected of him as a musician over 30 years old.

He told "I wanted to get back to where I was as a kid in high school and art school, when I was discovering things and rebelling against things.

"And I thought, we won't get put on certain magazine covers because now we don't confirm to a certain idea of 'handsomeness'"

The group also discussed their exposure to fan fiction - where a group's admirers write fantasist stories involving the band, in most cases with some sexual content - admitting they aren't fans.

Bassist Gerard Way said: "I've only read one and it was vile. I vowed to never look at another again. They always tell a story... but they always seem to needs to have that eroticism."

The band - completed by guitarist Frank Iero - recently fired drummer Michael Pedicone, and earlier this week announced his replacement, Jarrod Alexander, who joins them for the rest of their current US tour.