Gerard Way finds writing comics ''way harder'' than making music.

The My Chemical Romance frontman has been working on DC Entertainment imprint Young Animal over the last year, and though he enjoys the work, he admits he stumbles with finding his ''flow'' a lot more than when he's penning new tracks.

He said: ''I find that writing is way harder, writing prose or comics or whatever. Way harder than writing music. Although writing music can be way more brutal. I

'' find that sitting there and getting past the blank page or just the getting in the mood to do it and getting really just finding yourself in the flow -- sometimes it gets so rare, and you bang your head against the desk all day.

''That doesn't really happen for me with music.''

The 'Teenagers' singer insists few other musicians have asked him for advice on breaking into comics and the subject rarely comes up in conversation.

He told Vulture: ''The only other musicians that I really talk to about it have been [Say Anything's] Max Bemis who obviously already broke in and [Coheed and Cambria's] Claudio Sanchez was doing it before me, so he obviously knows what he's doing. Not too many. Not yet.

''One of my favourite writers is Geoff Rickly from Thursday. I would love to see some writing from him either in comics or elsewhere. I always felt he was going to write an amazing book, but we never really talk about comics too much.''

Gerard rarely ever watches TV or movies because he finds it too hard to concentrate on them for long.

Asked if he watched superhero movies, he said: ''No. And that's not because I don't like comics. I just have a really hard time watching TV and film.

''Just in general. It's just hard. I get super excited about films that I find to be super unique and weird and kind of different, as opposed to kind of like, just superhero stories. You know?

''I can only make it about ten minutes in before I want to do anything but watch TV. I started reading a lot.

''If I sit down to watch a show, I'm done in, like, about seven minutes. I'm out. I'm done. I can read, though. I can focus on that.''