Dominique Strauss-Kahn has announced his intention to sue the makers of Welcome To New York, the recently-released French language movie inspired by the former IMF boss' epic downfall. The controversial drama has become the talk of this year's Cannes Film Festival with provocative promotional stunts and now a potentially high profile legal case.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Dominique Strauss-Kahn Is Taking Legal Action Against The Makers Of 'Welcome To New York.'

Welcome to New York, which stars Gérard Depardieu alongside Jacqueline Bisset as Strauss-Kahn and his former wife Anne Sinclair, was launched on the fringes of the Cannes film festival and sparked a frenzy for seats as festival attendees rushed for a first glimpse of the controversial new picture.

Watch The 'Welcome To New York' Trailer [French Language]:

Guests at the film's Cannes premiere were given sex toys, Viagra, condoms, and water pistols containing fake sperm, according to The Independent. Printed invitations to a midnight beach party thrown by the movie's producer were sent out marked "oral satisfaction guaranteed." Guests were handed a "Dirty Sex Kit", which played upon the media's "DSK" dub of Strauss-Kahn, containing a whip, handcuffs and a condom.

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The businessman, who was once tipped for French leadership, doesn't intend to watch the movie and said via his lawyer, Jean Veil, on Monday that he was "disgusted" and will file a complaint for defamation in the coming days because of "the accusations and insinuations of rape throughout the film."

Gerard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieu Has Been Praised For His Seedy Portrayal Of A Sex Addict.

"This happened three years ago and he was cleared," Veil told Europe 1 radio, via The Guardian. "He is frightened, sickened [by the film]. He has instructed his lawyers, myself, to make a complaint for defamation based on accusations of rape, on the insinuations made throughout this film."

Describing the portrayal as "intolerable," Mr Veil explained "We have the right to fiction, but not the right to accuse. [Strauss-Kahn] like everyone has the right to be forgotten." Despite initial indications from the film's producers, the film seems to take sides in the controversy over the rape charges brought against Mr Strauss-Kahn in New York in 2011.

Abel Ferrara
Abel Ferrara Has Hit Back At The Controversy, Asserting His "Freedom Of Speech."

In May 2011, Mr Strauss-Kahn, now 65, was accused of sexually assaulting Nafissatou Diallo, a Sofitel chamber maid. The criminal charges were ultimately dropped, resulting in an estimated out-of-court civil settlement of $1.5 million (£890,000), but he will go on trial later this year with charges of aggravated pimping in a separate case.

Jacqueline Bisset
Jacqueline Bisset Plays A Representation Of Strauss-Kahn's Ex-Wife Anne Sinclair In The Movie.

The movie reportedly begins with a legal disclaimer that bills it as a piece of fiction before a graphic 20 minute sex scene involving Depardieu and others. Director Abel Ferrara has hit back at Strauss-Kahn's plans for legal actions, saying "I'm not on trial [...] I'm an artist. I have freedom of speech. I'm from America, I'm from the country of the free, land of the free and home of the brave."

At a press conference following the screening, Depardieu described Welcome To New York as a "unique adventure because it's drawn from a news item that everyone has read."

Welcome To New York is available on pay-per-view download now in France.

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