When 24.10.2012

'The Bounty Hunter' actor Gerard Butler smiles as he is swamped by paparazzi on the streets of New York City all insistent on snapping the star out and about.

The actor recently revealed his remarkable escape from death while filming one of his more recent completed films 'Chasing Mavericks'. In the film, he plays a surfing expert and he seems to have taken up the sport for the role rather than roping in a stunt double. As a result, he got caught up in a pretty serious wave. 'I had paddled way too far out and I saw these big hard waves coming in, one after another, so I started paddling back as hard as I could', he told the Chicago Sun Times. 'The largest wave I've ever seen in my life caught me and took me down. My board disappeared and I was already out of breath when the wave hit me.'


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