Gerard Butler was shocked to see how small his dog is in comparison to him in paparazzi pictures.

The 44-year-old actor adopted adorable pug pooch Lolita after falling in love with her but he accepts his pet doesn't necessarily fit in with his manly persona.

Talking on chat show 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' about his diminutive

dog, he said: ''It's weird because I never thought of it that way. I saw this little dog and fell in love with it and adopted it. And then, when I saw the first paparazzi photos she barely comes up to my ankles. And it's like, 'What are we doing together?'

''My Lolita - she's a little pug, she's beautiful.''

Although he has found a dog to love, Gerard can't find a lady to share his life with, recently admitting he is ''sadly'' single and hasn't met his ''princess'' yet.

He said: ''I have not met the one princess yet. That doesn't mean I have not met a lot of princesses along the way, but not the one and only yet.

''Or maybe I have and she might come back into my life at some point. You should never rule out anything. But am I seeing the one now? The answer, sadly, is no.''