Gerard Butler wants to make a film with Danny Boyle.

The 'Olympus Has Fallen' actor is a huge fan of the Oscar-winning 'Slumdog Millionaire' filmmaker and would love to appear in one of his movies because the director isn't afraid to take risks.

He said: ''I'd love to work with Danny Boyle. He's such a diverse director because he takes such risks. I'd love to be involved in one of his risks.''

Gerard has already got to fulfill one of his ambitions by starring alongside Morgan Freeman in 'Olympus Has Fallen', and says he the legendary actor didn't disappoint.

He explained in an interview with Nuts magazine: ''It's so exciting when he arrives on set. You turn into a little kid and go, 'It's Morgan Freeman!'

''I'd met him at an Oscars party and he walked up and went 'Hi, I'm Morgan Freeman, international movie star.' Only he could get away with that. He's so humble in real life. He's incredibly charismatic but when he's acting he's so soothing, he's like honey.''