Mirror shots are usually the domain of insecure young girls, or those who have no friends to hold the camera to take the photo. Whilst most post this type of photo online to gain attention, US news contributor Geraldo Rivera tweeted his candid self-shot to prove a point. "70 is the new 50 (Erica and family are going to be so pissed...but at my age...)" he tweeted, uploading a photo of him standing in front of his bathroom mirror in the buff, with a well-placed towel to cover his modesty and a pair of rather flashy rose-tinted shades on, in the original photo which can be seen reported by NY Daily News.

Geraldo Rivera
"70 Is The New 50"...It Sure Is Geraldo, It Sure Is.

However, it now seems that Rivera must have blanched after his original wave of confidence, deleting his original tweet.

In seeming reference to the shot, he followed his deletion with "Note to self: no tweeting after 1am," to which the reaction from his fans was a mighty 1,231 retweets and a mixture of horror, confusion and intrigue.

Most of the responses congratulate the 70 year-old on his toned form and the audacity of a news journalist to post such a revealing image of himself on social media. Questions too buzzed like flies regarding the events leading up to the out-focus-shot: could the former attorney's turgid body be the result of having finished working out? Had he just stepped out of the shower? Was he on his way to bed?

Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Shows His Playful Side...DING DONG.

With his bristling 'tache, all-American TV smile and forcibly suave manner, he may well be the living embodiment of Anchorman's "ladies man" Ron Burgundy but The Geraldo at Large host was keeping coy on Twitter when he saw a fan's retouched image with their dog in the same pose as Rivera, photoshopped into the same bathroom. In response to the parody of his now famous selfie, the reporter replied with a brief but appreciative "Ha."

Who knows what happens after 1am in the great, moustachioed head of Geraldo Rivera, but we're pretty sure it's a riot. He's certainly not in bad shape for a 70 year-old, now where's the post-watershed version? Ding dong!