Georgia May Jagger wanted to avoid fame.

The model - whose father is legendary rocker Sir Mick Jagger, while her mother is model Jerry Hall - admitted the idea of celebrity was constantly lingering throughout her ''whole life'' and was something she didn't want.

She said: ''I never wanted to be in the public eye. Obviously, with my father and my mother, for my whole life I was aware of the trappings of being famous. It was always just there in the background.''

However, she is glad to have been pushed by her parents and prove she is ''committed'' to her career now, and admitted she needs to take advantage of good opportunities while she can.

She added to Love magazine: ''There's no halfway house in this business. Beforehand I was modelling but I wasn't really very committed.

''I think I've learnt that it's really an amazing job, one of the best you can get for travel and for creative independence.

''So I'm enjoying myself. And the money is good - which helps. As my mother always says, 'Make hay while the sun shines'.''