Georgia May Jagger uses brown sugar to exfoliate her lips.

The 21-year-old model has taken inspiration from her dad Sir Mick Jagger's band The Rolling Stones and their 1971 track 'Brown Sugar' by using the sweet substance to help emphasize her signature gap-tooth look, which she has grown to love over the years.

She said: ''I mix brown sugar with a hydrating balm to exfoliate my lips. When I was at school, I wished I could have braces to correct my teeth. I eventually gave up. I'm glad of it today.''

Georgia also follows in her mother Jerry Hall's footsteps by using natural produces while looking after her skin, but admits she can't ''live'' without mascara.

She added to the French edition of Glamour magazine: ''I hydrate my skin with entire bottles of olive oil and avocado, just like my mum. It's also excellent for hair! I wash my skin with ice water to shut my pores and I keep it hydrated, morning and night.

''And I never take a plane without moisturiser in my pocket. I also never camouflage my skin under layers of foundation. That's really ageing. Mascara is the only beauty product I couldn't live without. It revamps my gaze in seconds, it's magic.''

After neglecting the condition of her hair over the years, Georgia now makes sure to take extra care over it and pampers herself with luxury products.

She said: ''My hair has been pink, then very bleached ... every colour under the sun! Nowadays, I look after them with the best possible products, I owe them that at least.''