Former President of the USA, George W Bush, recently appeared on Jay Leno's 'The Tonight Show' in a much less serious mood than the public are used to. Bush, who visited the chat show on Tuesday (Nov 19th), used this opportunity to showcase a talent that many probably didn't even know he had. 

George W Bush
George W Bush is now a painter

The conversation was focused on the legacy George left behind and what he does while keeping a low profile since exiting the White House in 2009.

Well, Jay found out what the 43rd President has been doing in his spare time, "I'm a painter," Bush said. "You may not think I'm a painter. I think I'm a painter."

The 67 year-old even revealed he had hired a teacher to help him develop this hobby. On their first meeting Bush said he told the teacher, "There's a Rembrandt trapped in this body, your job is to find it."

The former president then revealed one of his paintings, which was a portrait of the host Jay Leno, and it was surprisingly good.

Leno then asked about Bush's predecessor, Barack Obama, and the flack he is receiving for 'Obamacare'.

Better him than me," Bush jokingly quipped and in an honest statement, he revealed, "Eight years is plenty, I don't miss the spotlight."

Painting must be enough to occupy Mr Bush after his retirement from politics.

However, Bush did offer any presidential campaigner some sound advice when commenting on what kind of legacy he left;

You have to believe in what you're doing, first and foremost," he offered. "I relied upon my faith, my family helped a lot and I had a good team around me and did the best I could do. I'm also very comfortable with the fact that it's going to take a while for history to judge whether the decisions I made are consequential or not. And therefore I'm not too worried about it."

Watch highlights of the interview here