American President George W Bush was left red-faced again after his staff made the exact same faux pas as they did during his 2000 campaign - playing convicted paedophile Gary Glitter's music.

The Republican leader rallied his supporters four years ago to the sounds of the British rocker's 1972 hit ROCK + ROLL PART 2, until British political pundit MARTIN LEWIS pointed out Glitter's illegal behaviour.

An embarrassed Bush quickly withdrew the track, after his campaign spokesman admitted, "Most of our people don't know who he is, but now that his background has been explained to us, you will not hear it again at a Governor Bush rally."

On Monday (11OCT04), as Bush greeted supporters in New Mexico, the same controversial track was blasted over the loudspeakers, which was watched by cable TV audiences.

Glitter was convicted in 1999 of downloading 4,000 hard-core photographs of children being sexually abused, and sentenced to four months behind bars.

Bush's spokesman is yet to make comment on the recent re-addition to the President's campaign playlist.

14/10/2004 14:03