George R.R. Martin is 65. Let's just repeat that - only 65 years old. And, so it appears, in relatively good health. So if you're worried about Martin departing this mortal coil any time soon, don't be and certainly don't bring it up with Martin as the Game Of Thrones writer is tired of hearing about it. 

George R R MartinGeorge R.R. Martin at the Game of Thrones season premiere in New York.

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Martin's hugely popular fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire was first published in 1996 but did not attract widespread attention until 2011 when HBO created a television show named after the first book in the series, Game of Thrones. As we know, the response to the fantasy series has been unprecedented, sales of Martin's books have soared, and we're all eagerly awaiting the next instalment. 

Even those who have not read the series, but watch the show are equally concerned as they fear Martin will die before he has the chance to complete the books, thus the true fate of the characters will not be revealed. Whilst Martin has revealed the general plot to the show's producers, there are many characters in the books which have been left out of the series, including Lady Stoneheart, whose fates we are desperate to hear of. 

George R R Martin
George R.R. Martin with some of the GoT cast including Kit Harington (seated left) and Peter Dinklage to Martin's right.

Martin, at the age of 65, is not concerned about not completing the series and appears to take light offence at the questions posed about his death and well being. A Swiss newspaper, Tages-Anzeiger, recently asked Martin how he responds to fans questioning his life span, and he gave a blunt but perfectly clear answer. The writer said "I find that question pretty offensive, when people started speculation about my death and my health, so 'f**k you' to those people." Whilst Martin did chuckle as he issued the profanity, he did use hand gestures which left no one uncertain as to exactly how serious he is about the speculation. 

Martin is currently writing the sixth instalment, The Winds of Winter, which is will probably be released at the earliest in late 2015. Meanwhile the fourth season of the HBO series aired in June and Game of Thrones has been renewed for a fifth and sixth season. The fifth season will bring the series up to date with the books so there is a danger that Martin may not have written another book with which the show's writers can adapt. 

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George R R Martin
George R.R. Martin has hit back at speculation about his death.