George Michael is still in hospital after his car accident.

The 49-year-old singer is being kept under medical supervision in a specialist trauma centre in London after sustaining head injuries last week when he fell out of a car at 70mph on the M1 motorway in Hertfordshire, England.

His spokesperson said: ''Following the traffic accident on Thursday (16.05.13), we can confirm that he is still in hospital. We are keen to stress it's purely as a precaution for observation.

''He did suffer a couple of bumps and bruises to the head and that's why they are keeping him in - to keep an eye on him. He is doing better. He is making good progress and is looking forward to getting out.''

The former Wham! star was a passenger in a silver Range Rover when he fell out of the moving vehicle onto the road at junction 6A, near St Albans. The incident is believed to have happened because he was trying to close the door properly.

The lucky pop star narrowly avoided being hit by cars on the dangerous four-lane stretch of motorway, and his friends pulled on to the hard shoulder and ran across two lanes of traffic to help him.

Eye witness Katherine Fox, 23, who shielded the musician by reversing her own vehicle to protect him, said: ''I think George was lucky he didn't die. If he'd landed in the second lane he would have been hit by a car without a doubt.

''He was in the middle of the M1. I could have run him over.''