George Michael's company reportedly earned £55,000 per day last year.

The pop icon died in December 2016, aged 53, but his company still made a £20 million pre-tax profit on a £23.8 million turnover, thanks to bumper record sales and a deal with Netflix, according to The Sun newspaper.

Nobby’s Hobbies Holdings, the pop star's firm, made £20.6 million in publishing income and £2.5 million in record royalties, plus an additional £600,000.

The 'Careless Whisper' hitmaker was also the focus of a Netflix documentary called 'Wham!'.

What's more, Wham! - which also starred Andrew Ridgeley - topped the UK Christmas charts in 2023 with 'Last Christmas', when the duo saw off competition from Sam Ryder to claim the coveted spot.

Wham! were one of the biggest pop acts of the 1980s, but Andrew previously admitted that it took a long time to put the Netflix documentary together.

He told the Evening Standard newspaper: "It took so long to do because while [George] was pursuing his own career, there was no great desire to explore the Wham! legacy."

Andrew, 60, admitted that George's estate was initially reluctant to commit to the project.

However, the 2019 film 'Last Christmas' - which was inspired by the music of George and Wham! - proved to be a turning point for the documentary.

Andrew said: "He wasn’t going to have Wham! overshadow the GM brand, but obviously that changed when he died.

"Initially the George Michael estate weren’t that receptive, but after the success of the 'Last Christmas' film they realised there was a big fanbase out there. With the 40th anniversary looming, there was suddenly a focus for it. The fanbase was much bigger than anyone expected."