Pop star George Michael has launched a scathing attack on Rupert Murdoch, labelling the media mogul "the devil". The former Wham! singer, 43, is stunned by Murdoch's control over a large percentage of the world's media and believes he is portrayed negatively in the mogul's papers and TV shows because he is a liberal homosexual. Speaking on last night's (31OCT06) British TV show GEORGE MICHAEL - I'M YOUR MAN: A SOUTH BANK SPECIAL, Michael insists he has been against Murdoch since the early days of his musical career. He says, "I think Murdoch is the devil and has been for 20 years. "The only dignity is in autonomy. I was so right about Murdoch. Twenty years later we have a media dictator." Michael claims his musical success began to slow down after his controversial song SHOOT THE DOG in 2002, which some perceived as anti-US President George W Bush. Murdoch is well-known for his right wing Republican stance. Michael continues, "Before 2002, I had an unflinching hold on the charts. Everything I did was a radio hit. Since SHOOT THE DOG, I have not had a surehold hit." Michael's biggest hit in his native Britain since Shoot The Dog has been AMAZING, which number four in 2004.