George Michael is said by a psychic to have forgiven Barry Manilow from beyond the grave.

A clairvoyant made the claim after the singers fell out when Barry, 79, tried to sue George over his band Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’ hit.

Barry claimed the song sounded like his 1978 tune ‘Can’t Smile Without You’, but George – who died aged 53 on Christmas Day in 2016 from heart and liver complications – insisted his single wasn’t a copy.

So-called “celebrity psychic” Jasmine Rose Anderson told the Daily Star Sunday (18.12.22) George has had the “last laugh” as his spirit has told her the row is “water under the bridge”.

Jasmine told the newspaper: “He says what is important was that he did what he believed to be the right thing in the end:

“He still can’t believe it happened. In the end, he didn’t like holding on to negativity or drama and has moved on. ‘Holding on to the past brings you down’, he says, but he was annoyed about it.

“It’s all good – he’s having the last laugh now... his only regret is that he can't be down here celebrating with the people he loved.”

Barry sued George for plagiarism following the clash, but the reason the lawsuit never made it to court has not been made clear.

George’s engineer Chris Porter has said the case was thrown out when a music expert presented “60- odd songs from the past century that had a comparable chord sequence and melody”.