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Lucas Working On Fairy Musical

GEORGE LUCAS is set to tackle another new genre - the STAR WARS director is developing his first musical.The untitled computer-animated film is in pre-production at Lucas' Skywalker Ranch production facility in Marin County, California,...

Sean Connery Set For Indy Return

Sean Connery is set to return to the 'Indiana Jones' franchise.The 79-year-old actor turned down the chance to reprise his role as the father of the daredevil archaeologist in last movie 'Indiana Jones and the...

Harrison Ford Ready For Indy 5

Harrison Ford is preparing to make another 'Indiana Jones' film.The 67-year-old actor has revealed he is in talks to play the whip-cracking archaeologist in a fifth film, just one year after he made his comeback...

Lucas: 'Indiana Is A Great Teacher'

Filmmaker GEORGE LUCAS is calling on schools to use his INDIANA JONES films as an educational tool in the classroom. Lucas believes youngsters today are struggling to understand history - and hopes The Adventures of...

Spielberg Still Cashing In Star Wars Bet

STEVEN SPIELBERG still makes money from STAR WARS thirty years after coming out on top in a bet with movie mogul pal GEORGE LUCAS. Lucas was so convinced his first Star Wars film would be...

It's Official: Indy To Return On May 22, 2008

Paramount on Tuesday confirmed that it will release the next Indiana Jones installment on Thursday, May 22, 2008. The studio also said that it plans a simultaneous worldwide release of the as-yet-untitled film, which will...

Star Wars Cloak Found In Fancy Dress Shop

The cloak immortalised by SIR ALEC GUINNESS in his STAR WARS role as BEN OBI-WAN KENOBI has been discovered in a London costume hire shop. The robe, which was missing for 28 years, was...

Lucas Made Vader Suit Extra Awkward

STAR WARS mastermind GEORGE LUCAS cleverly made sure HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN's DARTH VADER costume was restrictive in EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH, because he wanted the character to seem awkward. The filmmaker made...

Steven Spielberg Wept At 'Revenge Of The Sith' Ending

Movies can affect different people in different ways. Sometimes, even established and respected filmmakers have to appreciate the marvel of particular films. Two-time Academy Award-wining director wept at a premiere of his collaborator George...

Ling Claims Star Wars Bosses Cut Her Out After Playboy Pose

Chinese actress BAI LING has accused bosses of the latest STAR WARS installment of cutting her scenes from the movie after discovering she posed for men's magazine PLAYBOY. The 34-year-old beauty poses with a...

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