When 14.02.2013

'Lopez Tonight' star George Lopez discusses his character, family rivalry and the funniest scene in the movie during a press junkett interview for his new animated film 'Escape From Planet Earth'.

Asked if he related to his alien character Thurman, he said that he thought his six arms meant that he was hard-working which he said was 'testament to the way my grandfather raised me that he was a hard worker so I saw that as a young kid.' He mentions that like the family rivalry in the movie, he fought with his cousin, though he's never had 'sibling rivalry' as an only child. He is asked what the funniest scene in the film was. 'For kids, everytime you see a snot bubble, it's always pretty funny so when my character reminds the other character to breathe and then this huge bubble comes out, I think that's pretty funny', he replies. He also discusses the differences between acting in animation and acting in live action explaining that 'it's all about the voice'.


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