Reality TV star Trump has been at the centre of scandal after making ill-advised remarks stating Mexican immigrants in America are "rapists" who take crime and drugs into the country, during a speech announcing his bid for presidency.

Latino stars such as Pitbull, Romeo Santos, Ricky Martin and Eva Longoria have spoken out against Trump, and Lopez added to the growing group of outspoken Trump opponents during his show in Tuscon on Saturday night (18Jul15).

In video footage posted by fans online, he tells an energised crowd, "This country is better with Latinos in it!"

The comedian then calls on the audience, many of whom have their camera phones up to record his speech, to respond with a Spanish insult and the phrase, "F**k that!", after he yells, "Donald Trump".

Ironically, executives at U.S. network NBC are reportedly looking to hire Lopez to replace Trump as the new host of reality show The Celebrity Apprentice, after severing ties with the business mogul for his controversial remarks.