George Hamilton has been dishing out tips on how to keep women happy.

The 70-year-old American actor - who has romanced scores of beautiful women over the years - claims ladies want honesty more than anything else.

Speaking to the male campmates, he said: "Women want honesty and sometimes get upset if you are honest so you need to know when to he honest.

"Be a little bit critical, you know. When a woman gets dressed for dinner and you are about to go out you should always say, 'Just take one little thing off.' Maybe the earrings and then she'll put the bracelet on, the necklace and you get the whole fashion show."

George also joined TV makeover expert Justin Ryan to take part in a jungle challenge where they had to answer a question to determine whether they won the contents of a celebrity chest.

Unfortunately for the celebrities, they answered the question wrong and missed out on a treat of champagne and strawberries.