George Ezra celebrated his 2019 BRIT Award win with a takeaway at home.

The 'Shotgun' hitmaker scooped up the prize for Best Male at the annual awards ceremony last year, but has now confessed he didn't go to any after parties to celebrate his big win, as he opted instead to go home and get some food delivered to his house.

Speaking about his time at the ceremony in 2019, he said: ''I can't really remember, it's all a bit of a blur that evening. The week before, I did a week intensive OCD therapy course.

''But I was frazzled when I got to the night. I went home and got a Deliveroo. I had to - it wouldn't have ended well.''

And even if he had been feeling up to it, George still wouldn't have wanted to party, as he isn't keen on the atmosphere at clubs.

He added during an appearance on his 'Phone A Friend' podcast: ''The music's way too loud and what happens if you get cornered? I sound like such an ungrateful, old b*****d.''

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old singer won't be picking up any new awards any time soon, as he's put his music career on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic.

George recently said he doesn't have any plans to record new music in the near future, because he's concerned about the risks of picking up the virus.

He confessed: ''Am I prepared to get on the train unnecessarily? No, I won't be doing that for a while.

''If I'm still not ready to do anything by then I'll be standing by that ... what I have learnt is that no-one really knows.''

At the moment, George can't see a scenario whereby it's safe to go into the recording studio without putting himself at risk.

He added: ''Even if it is only me and two other people in the studio and they are people that I know and trust and we all go back and are safe at home and everything.

''It's as soon as you come into contact with one person on a train or in a cafe, it makes a farce of the whole thing because now how do you know where that person has been? Or how far they have traveled? Or where they are heading? Or if I have something ... I don't know.

''That's the bit that my brain starts to go, 'Woah.'''