George Ezra once bought a complete set of Pokémon cards on eBay after "a few drinks".

The 'Shotgun' hitmaker has insisted he's never been one to splash the cash on sports cars and designer clothes because he doesn't have "expensive tastes", but he once got a shock when he woke up after a drinking session to find he'd bid on some of the sought-after trading cards.

Speaking to Dave Berry on Absolute Radio, George said: "I haven't got expensive tastes I wouldn't say, but I remember once waking up after having had a few drinks and I'd bought a complete set of original Pokémon cards on eBay, but it was at the right time. There has been a bit of a renaissance recently, it was before that, so it wasn't too insane ... there was a point where I checked my emails and was like you what."

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter has just returned with his new single, 'Anyone For You', taken from his upcoming third studio album 'Gold Rush Kid'.

And George recently admitted he became "overwhelmed" by the idea of touring during lockdown.

He explained: "In the last two years I've allowed myself to be overwhelmed by the idea of touring and doing stuff publicly.

"It's not going to last forever, so I just need to enjoy it while it's here. I've met people, seen things and been to places that I never should have, and I've loved that."

George quipped that the silver lining of being stuck at home amid the pandemic was that he was able to switch up his hairstyle.

The 'Budapest' hitmaker said: "Lockdown sorted the hair out because I had no choice but to grow it. I was like, 'Dude, you should have been doing this ages ago.'"

George previously suggested that the pandemic has enabled him to cut loose.

The star - who has been open about his struggles with anxiety and OCD in the past - said: "I'm having a lot of fun at the moment and I feel like, let's turn it up a gear.

"Having missed out - all of us having missed people, experiences - it's just, lean into them, now knowing what it feels like without them. When opportunities arrive, grab them."

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