George Ezra struggles with his work/life balance.

While the 28-year-old singer / songwriter loves writing and recording music, he admitted that it can take over his life and he needs to get better at taking time off.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "The last record was so full-on. I threw myself into this thing.

"You just kind of go, ‘Is this what I want to be doing?’ Not in a question of music, I know that’s the thing.

"But it’s the way in which we approach it, you start to wonder... I don’t think the work itself is hard, I think it is the volume with which you do it.

"A lot of people struggle to not take work home with them in some ways, and I do.

"I’ve managed to get myself into this position where what I love doing as a hobby and a pastime is writing songs.

"But then your Sunday noodling at home is in some way linked to the bigger picture. It’s as a product of loving it that it is full-on."

And George - who is preparing to release his third studio album, 'Gold Rush Kid' - admitted he worries about longevity in the music industry.

He explained: "In some ways I have to think about longevity. Like, how can I keep this realistic?

"Even on stage, it’s like, ‘You need to love this, George, while you’re on stage, but also you need to deliver a performance’."