With awards season about to reach its peak at Sunday’s Oscars, Hollywood’s A-listers are probably feeling pretty good about themselves right now. But trust twitter to bring their self-esteem down a notch, with the latest edition of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’s’ Mean Tweets- Movie Edition.

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney took part in the latest edition of ‘Mean Tweets’.

First up was two-time Oscar winner Christopher Waltz, who had to suffer the indignity of one twitter user having no idea who he was. ‘I have no idea who Christopher Waltz is,’ the tweeter wrote. ’But he is pretty f’n boring so I am probably not going to bother finding out’.

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One tweeter had a message for all ‘regular fellas’ at the expense of George Clooney. The heartthrob was forced to read out: ’If that gross ratty old man George Clooney can find a girl…you regular fellas out there in the twitterverse must be drowning in p—y.’

Oscar nominee Eddie Redmayne was told he ‘looks like someone tried to erase his nose, but couldn’t completely. I also think he looks perpetually dehydrated,’ after which he confirmed that yes, he is always thirsty.

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Emily Blunt’s started well, but didn’t end too good: ‘Emily Blunt’s got a purdy mouth…that I’d like to poop in.’ But the worst was saved for last and Sean Penn, who’s face got a rather unfortunate analysis: ‘Sean Penn: 1) has a penis nose, 2) has a scrotum face, 3) has an anus mouth, 4) is a butthole’. Ouch.

Watch Mean Tweets - Movie Edition below: