Brad Bird said makers of 'Mad Max' only focus on the bad news in life and wanted the opposite for 'Tomorrowland'.

The 57-year-old director - who is responsible for the works behind 'The Incredibles', 'Mission Impossible' and now, George Clooney futuristic movie, 'Tomorrowland'- has said that too many directors in the film industry aren't ''seeing the alternative'' of what the future could look like.

Speaking at the 'Tomorrowland' press conference about dystopian 'Hunger Games' movies and Tom Hardy blockbuster 'Mad Max', Brad revealed: ''I feel like so many directors aren't seeing the alternative and I think so many of those films don't do the future justice - while entertaining to watch - I don't want to live in those realities and I don't want robots to kill me or zombies trying to eat me.''

The screenwriter said that when researching Disney's history, the team learnt that science was a huge part of Walt Disney's vision.

''Disney's message is always about trying to make the world a better place and that's really what we wanted to do with this movie - Walt Disney had a vision of the future where science wasn't the enemy.''

He added: ''I think that Walt lived in a time which was just as turbulent as the time we live in now, if not more so.''

Brad went onto explain that he wanted to ground Disney's thinking in their film and wished to make the movie fun and adventurous.

''Making this movie was about what we could do as opposed to what everybody else could do.''

Revealing the secret to his movie success, he said that he hasn't got a recipe but he makes movies that he would like to watch instead and hopes people will connect with them too, although he did admit it can be difficult to achieve.

''Movies are tough because you're trying to connect with people whose lives are very different from yours .''