George Clooney has confessed getting married has ''changed everything''.

The 54-year-old Hollywood star tied the knot with 37-year-old lawyer Amal Alamuddin in September last year and he's admitted married life has had a profound impact on his outlook.

George told PEOPLE magazine: ''All I know is that it sort of changed everything in terms of what I thought my future - my personal future - was going to be.

''But I've always been an optimist about the world.

''I wasn't always completely optimistic about how it was going to work out personally for me. But now I am.''

George's comments come shortly after he said one of Amal's most attractive character traits is her compassion for other people.

He shared: ''She's an amazing human being. And she's caring. And she also happens to be one of the smartest people I've ever met. And she's got a great sense of humour.''

He did, however, confess that they clash over his love of sports and his desire to follow games on TV every weekend.

George said: ''I watch sports and it kills her because I got her into March Madness a little. She got into that, but it was enough, so the next week was the Masters, and I'm watching that and she goes, 'So every weekend we're going to be watching a sporting event.' I'm like, 'Actually, that's how it works.'''