George Clooney is the ''shiny and pretty'' one in his marriage.

The 'Monuments Men' actor married human rights lawyer Amal last September and joked her high-powered job means his role is simply to look good on her arm.

Speaking on the first episode of his new 'Late Show', presenter Stephen Colbert asked: What's it like to be the arm candy in the relationship?

''Because she's a very serious person. She must say, 'We're going to meet some extremely intelligent people tonight - these are not show folk.' ''

George replied: ''Shiny and pretty - that's mostly what I do now.''

Before tying the knot, the 54-year-old star - who was previously married to Talia Balsam - had vowed never to wed again and he admitted people were unconvinced by his relationship with Amal.

He said: ''They said it wouldn't last.''

As George didn't have a movie to promote on the show, he an Stephen debuted clips from a fake film called 'Decision Strike' in which the actor played a ''tough, no-nonsense secretary general of the UN.''

One excerpt showed George coming out of a room and saying, ''not now dammit, I'm defusing a nuclear bomb'', while in another, he came out of the same room after romancing a woman.

George joked: ''Sex sells Stephen. I did my own sex. I did all of my own stunts.''