George Clooney has "more fun" being behind the camera than in front of it.

The 62-year-old Hollywood star made his directional debut with 2002's 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' and he's back in the director's chair for sports drama 'The Boys in the Boat' and has admitted he loves being in charge.

He told 'Sky News': "It's more fun, you have a lot more control. I get to boss them around and I don't have to learn how to row.

"It's fun to come in in the morning and it's fun to write a screenplay and then have somebody build a set that you wrote, it really is."

The 'Tickets to Paradise' actor admits he's fortunate to get to do the things he loves so late in his career.

He said: "As you get older, you need to have other things to do.

"You can't just do one thing. I'm lucky because I'm 62 and I get to do the stuff I love, and a lot of people don't get that.

"I'm well aware of it, and I celebrate it because, you know, if I'm not having fun, I think people would be really [redacted] off. If they look at my life, you go, ‘If you're not enjoying that, then, you know, then who knows.'"

However, it doesn't mean he doesn't still enjoy acting.

He said: "I still like acting. I have fun."

Before he quipped: "I just did a film with Brad Pitt, he's an up-and-coming actor."

Clooney and Pitt, 60, are starring in Jon Watts' psychological action-thriller 'Wolfs', which hits cinemas in September.