George Clooney has revealed that he has no interest to enter politics after playing a US presidential candidate in his recent film The Ides of March. Talking at the UK premiere last night (20th Oct 2011), George Clooney suggested that the political world wasn't right for him.

According to Metro, the 51-year-old actor, donning a shiny blue suit and black shirt said, "is there anything tempting about [politics] if you were to look at it right now? Is there anything that would be tempting about it? Not for me. Washington and Hollywood are both one-industry towns, so they are very similar in that way. There are sort of pecking orders - theatre actors look down on film acting and that kind of thing, and the same thing with senators and congressmen." Clooney, who directed and starred alongside Ryan Gosling and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the political thriller, suggested that the charity work he partakes in is enough for him: "I have a very good life and I have a very comfortable existence and if I want to dip my toe into issues that involve politics, like Sudan, or Darfur, where I can actually have some involvement, I'm happy to do it". Clooney's first visit to Sudan was in 2005, donating money to build a well and housing.

George Clooney is set to walk the red carpet again tonight (21st Oct 2011) for the UK premiere of The Descendants at the London Film Festival. Clooney is also set to appear alongside other Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock in the sci-fi drama Gravity, due for release next year.