George Clooney taught Callum Turner how to kiss the "old-fashioned way" for their new movie.

The pair star in 'The Boys in the Boat', which tells the story of the University of Washington's rowing team and their quest for gold at the 1936 Olympics, and the silver fox felt it was vital that the lip-locking was done in an old-school way - without tongues.

George, 62, told ITV's 'Lorraine': “The story felt like an old-fashioned film, the book did. We shot it to try to feel like old fashioned.”

His 33-year-old co-star was sitting next to him, and George said “There’s a big kiss at the train station and I had to talk to him…”

Callum interrupted: “You had to teach me how to kiss!”

George explained: “You had to kiss differently. Really like an old-fashioned movie, new movies, everyone’s got their tongues and this one had to be old-fashioned kissing.”

The movie has a shot of the River Thames where George enjoys walking with his spouse Amal Clooney, 45, close to their 17th-century English mansion that sits on a four-acre island in the middle of the river.

George said: “The very opening shot, I walk there from my home. It’s right where my wife and I take a walk in the morning.”

Poking fun at Callum, he quipped: “He was the least expensive.”

And he swiftly joked back: “I actually paid him to do it!”

George was recently pictured holding an umbrella for Callum at the London screening of the film and he joked about having to do the same for his wife.

Asked about being cut from pictures of the couple, George laughed: “They always say, ‘George was nice enough to hold the umbrella for his gorgeous wife’. She is a force of nature and so homely, but we do what we can, we survive."

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