Geoffrey Rush is struggling to get through his day-to-day life over the looming case of defamation that he is currently embroiled in with regards to a Sydney newspaper falsely, his his eyes, claiming inappropriate behaviour with a woman on the set of 'King Lear'. 

Geoffrey Rush at 'Pirates of the Caribbean' premiereGeoffrey Rush at 'Pirates of the Caribbean' premiere

In new court documents filed, the 66-year-old 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star was revealed to be suffering 'tremendous emotional and social hardship' because of the current legal situation, barely able to leave his own house and struggling to eat or sleep. He is also now taking medication to manage his anxiety.

He's suing the Daily Telegraph over two articles that suggest he engaged in 'scandalously inappropriate behaviour' with his female co-star during the production of 'King Lear' 2015; a story that would have more weight had the paper been able to identify and prove what it is he was supposed to have done. 

The allegations were in regards to him 'touching' the actress playing Cordelia as he carried her lifeless body across the stage, and not ceasing his behaviour when she said it was making her uncomfortable. A Federal Court judge later ruled that the details were 'vague and imprecise', and thus threw part of the defence.

Unfortunately, whether he is guilty of this inappropriate behaviour or not, it has certainly come at a very bad time as he is now just another victim of the Hollywood witchhunt.

'The Applicant has found that as a direct result of the Publications he has been constantly associated in Australia and internationally with the '#MeToo' movement that involves allegations of sexual misconduct against colleagues in the entertainment industry', documents said. 'His worth to the theatre and film industry, together with the community at large, is now irreparably damaged.'

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He is still set to appear in the Melbourne Theatre Company's production of 'Twelfth Night' this year, though things could indeed change if his mental condition goes downhill.