Movie veteran Gene Hackman has quit acting for good, insisting he is too old to land appealing roles.
The 78-year-old actor hasn't starred in a film since 2004 comedy Welcome to Mooseport, and although he has never announced his retirement - he couldn't bring himself to return to Hollywood and play "grandfathers".
Hackman says, "I guess you could call it retired. I haven't worked for four years now. And I don't miss the business. I miss the process of being on-set with actors when things get cooking. But there's so much crapola (crap) in order to get there. It's just too painful.
"At my age, they would have me playing grandfathers and great grandfathers. That's not a heck of a lot of fun. I'd rather go back to the theatre, actually. But that's not going to happen. I'm pretty satisfied with my life right now."
Instead, Hackman keeps himself busy and his mind active, writing historical fiction novels with his neighbour Daniel Lenihan.
He adds, "I write every day for at least a couple of hours. I exercise a little bit. And then it's time for the old folks to go to bed."