‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star Gemma Collins has reportedly told the BBC that she’ll drop a lawsuit against them concerning a recent stage fall – if they agree to offer her a place on the next series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

The 36 year old reality TV personality was announcing ‘Love Island’ as the winner of the Best TV Show category at the BBC’s Radio 1 Teen Awards last month when she fell into an opened trapdoor, which was intended to bring the winners up onto the podium.

Soon after, she confirmed her decision to sue the corporation, but rumours have now started that Collins is considering dropping it if she gets a spot on next year’s edition of the BBC’s flagship Saturday night programme, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Collins is “deadly serious about the ‘Strictly’ trade off,” according to a source close to her told The Sun on Friday (November 10th).

Gemma CollinsGemma Collins (pictured in 2016) is angling for a place on next year's 'Strictly'

“She has said to BBC that she will not pursue legal action if they give her a slot on the show. She loves ‘Strictly’ and has always wanted to have a crack at it. She thinks this might be her chance to get on the show.”

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After speaking with her lawyer the day after the awards back on the 22nd of October, she said that the BBC had not been in contact, offered apologies for the accident or even sent flowers.

“I'm in total shock. It is a miracle I am living to tell the tale. I could have died or at least been disabled at the end of it. I could have been legless,” she told The Sun. “I didn't even know there was a hole there. No joke, my life did flash before my eyes. I thought I was dead. I've got to consult a lawyer, yeah. The BBC, they've not been in touch with any compensation or anything - or even an apology.”

A spokesperson for Radio 1 addressed the incident at the time. “The BBC takes the health and safety of everyone involved very seriously and we are awaiting a full report from Remedy, the production company who made the show, about the incident, but they have told us that Gemma did receive a full briefing before going on stage.”

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