Gemma Arterton hates being asked questions about her dress size and make-up routine.

The 29-year-old actress has become more confident at avoiding queries about her size and beauty regime when she walks the red carpet because she has no interest in the topics as she feels they diminish what she's trying to achieve as a professional thespian.

She said: ''Someone asked me on the red carpet what size I was and I walked away. And then someone interviewed me and about a film I was shooting and said, 'You're not wearing make-up in this film how does that feel?' I said, ''Oh my God, do you ask Tom Hardy that? No. Silly question, wasn't it?' ''

Meanwhile, Gemma also admitted she finds sex scenes ''the most unsexy thing ever''.

The brunette beauty had to shoot a love sequence with Idris Elba in 'A Hundred Streets' and admits it was ''so awkward''.

Gemma told Stylist magazine: ''It's the most unsexy thing ever! I had to do a sex scene with Idris Elba last year and it's so awkward. They shout 'cut!' and you're on top of each other and you're like, 'Oh hello. Erm. Would you like me to get you that little sock thing you had on before? Could you pass me a cardigan?' ''