Gemma Arterton couldn't resist playing a ''talking head in the fridge'' in 'The Voices'.

The 29-year-old English actress - who's previously starred in 'Quantum of Solace' and 'Clash of the Titans' - says she was drawn to the unusual role of Fiona in the Marjane Satrapi-directed black comedy movie because it marked a stark contrast to the films she'd previously been making.

She explained: ''I'd been doing all of these big Hollywood movies and I hadn't really been feeling them.

''I like things that are a bit strange, a bit dark, that make you think. I read this script and just loved it.

''My character, I get to play just a talking head in the fridge. And that for me, was something I thought that I've got to do it.''

Arterton explained that although there are some dark themes explored in the movie - which also features Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick - it triggered lots of laughter, too.

She told BBC Radio 1: ''[Alfred] Hitchcock said that when people would laugh at his horrors it was the biggest compliment.

''This film is a horror in some aspects, because when you're so awkward and you've got too much emotion, often it comes out in laughter.''