Gemma Arterton will never live in America because nobody understands her jokes in the US.

The 29-year-old actress - who was born in Kent, south east England - admits she ''struggles'' when she is across the pond because people don't comprehend her sarcasm and instead assume she is being serious ''all the time''.

She said: ''I love Europe, I live between here [London] and Paris. I like going to America, I've got lots of friends there and I go there for work but I just can't imagine living there.

''I also like our sense of humour and I always struggle when I'm over there because people don't get my sense of humour and they think I'm being serious all the time.''

But one occasion Gemma does take seriously is when she is doing karaoke because the brunette beauty loves to sing her favourite song 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' whenever possible, and she even got the chance to do a spot of performing in new movie 'The Voices'.

Speaking to Magic Radio's Jo Parkerson, she said: ''I actually was one of those people that just will not let anyone else have the mic, everyone knows I love karaoke.''

When asked what her favourite karaoke song is, she added: '''Total Eclipse of the Heart' is my favourite. Do you know even in 'The Voices' there's a scene where we sing karaoke and we did try to do 'Total Eclipse' and Marjane, our director said, 'What's your favourite song?'

''But we couldn't get the rights so then we got 'Knock on Wood', which is my second favourite. I was quite pleased about that.''

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