Gemma Arterton feels "old" if she wears too much make-up.

The stunning actress says she doesn't like to go overboard with cosmetics as she likes the natural look and thinks too much can make her appear older than her 25 years.

She said: "I remember going out and thinking, 'I'm not wearing any mascara and I'm going to an event!' But too much make-up makes me look old."

Gemma recently revealed she gets "nervous" dressing for the red carpet.

Although the 'Tamara Drew' star said she isn't that concerned about what people think of her everyday attire she admitted to feeling the pressure when it comes to high-profile events.

She explained: "I can get a bit nervous about what people will say about my outfit when it's a really big event, but under normal circumstances I don't really care.

"In my personal life I love experimenting with fashion, but I have luckily managed to separate my everyday life from my job, so I don't get scrutinised about what I'm wearing on a daily basis."