British actress Gemma Arterton had her closest friends fooled by her facial disguise in new movie TAMARA DREWE after donning a "massive" prosthetic nose to portray the title character.
Arterton stars as Drewe, a young newspaper journalist torn between two lovers, in the dark comedy, which is based on the graphic novel by Posy Simmonds.
But the star admits her pals struggled to recognise her in costume - and couldn't believe it was the former Bond girl under the disguise.
She tells WENN, "I'm very excited about Tamara Drewe and I play her. Stephen Frears directed that. It's a black comedy.
"She is a journalist who grew up in this little village in England and she was a really ugly duckling; she had this huge hunk, a massive nose. I'm wearing a prosthetic nose and it's fantastic.
"It's quite a shock when you see it. My friends saw it and they said, 'Is that you?!' I have the picture of me with the nose in my bathroom and people always say, 'Is that you in there?'"