Gavin Rossdale risked wife Gwen Stefani's wrath by buying their son a drum kit.

The Bush rocker impulsively splashed out on the noisy percussion instrument after witnessing three-year-old Zuma playing with the set in a music star, but then worried about what his spouse would make of the racket.

Making the purchase, he said: ''Mommy is going to kill daddy!''

Gavin's worries didn't appear to concern Zuma, who explained to National Enquirer magazine: ''I'm gonna play for mommy all night long!''

Gavin replied: ''That's exactly what daddy's afraid of.''

Gavin has previously discussed the musical abilities of Zuma and his elder son Kingston, five.

He said: ''Kingston still likes The Drums, but he's into everything now. He's always busy doing things. We're just trying to give them lots of opportunities.

''Zuma is really into the guitar. If I'm playing he'll come and Jam with me - he'll sit with me, it's really fun. He moves his hands up and down. His positioning and charisma are amazing. He's so relaxed, looks great and he's three!''