Gary Numan - Interview

02 July 2002

The Gary Numan Interview:
The Gary Numan Interview

Contactmusic caught up with Gary Numan for a chat about life, the universe and everything...

How are things going? Are you working today or is it just a few interviews?

Yea things are good! I’m working away today, I have a magazine called Alien that we put out our selves so I’m just working on the design and the final bit of wordage on that before the end of the day, tomorrow I’ll be doing some studio work and tidying up some loose ends. Then I’m off doing some album signings, in all we are doing 5 Birmingham Manchester Leeds Glasgow and Edinburgh. But the new single comes out on Monday

Have you got much radio play for the new single RIP?

Not too much radio play but it has been on Kerrang for the past 2- months and it’s been constantly in the top 10 so that has really helped, so within’ that kind of music that they play I’m sure everybody is aware of it. But there is such a huge chasm between Kerrang and National radio play is remote at best. When you decide to do this kind of music then you just accept the facts.

The Gary Numan Interview @
The Gary Numan Interview @

So are you doing all your of your work by your self? Have you totally turned into a one-man band??

No I’m signed to a Jagged halo but essentially I’m signed to Artful and they go out through universal so it’s really been their push, Originally the RIP came out on an album called PURE and that was about a year or 2 ago and I filmed the video for RIP and gave it to the record company I was then signed to then and they weren’t interested in it at all. Their expertise worked on acts that have been around for a while and are still doing the same kind of stuff and pitched it at the same kind of audience.

Your image was always quite “off the wall” how did it all come about?

To be honest I cant remember how the actual look of it came about, but the need for it I thought was when I started to work with synthesizers and realising they are a very non visual instrument, you know you can just stand their and that’s all you can really do! Whilst all the guitar hero’s can leave them out so I thought I needed something to keep everyone looking and interested cause just standing by a synthesizer isn’t going to do it! So the whole idea came from just trying to build up my own persona around what I was doing.

Are you enjoying your work more now?

Yes definitely I still feel a huge amount of pressure although Im enjoying it more. I’ve been around for 25 years the first 5 were pretty good the next 15 were sh*t beyond belief and the last few have been good. But with so many people covering and sampling and saying I have been influential it brings a huge pressure because then you have to live up to expectations

I have a list here with Basement Jaxx, Marilyn Manson, Beck, Damon Albarn the Foo Fighters all saying you have been an influence on their music how does that make you feel??

It’s cool! And really flattering and it makes me really proud but it brings that pressure to deliver which is enormous, I was pretty much dead and buried 10 years ago then there was such a big resurgence and realising what a major opportunity that is and making the most of it, the last 3 albums I’ve put out over the last 8 years were the best received albums I have ever had, so I’ve pretty much done it and delivered the music and I think its generally agreed that I’m writing better now than I ever have done. I feel a lot more at ease with the way Im have being perceived.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
I’m not really a collaboration kind of guy, I think too many people see it as a career set and in a kind of bizarre way with people covering my stuff I’m kind of getting that credit its not the kind of thing I look out for, the more work I do and the more I socialize the more the opportunity comes up to do things naturally.

You have always been on the cutting edge of music technology wise; do you still think that you are?

Yea I try to be, the last to albums have been sampler based, I’m just about to do a course on re processing using logic and Protools, so one of the things I have been picking up recently is the idea of making your own samples not going and taking somebody else’s samples then using that as a ground base and making 30-40-50 different versions of that sound.

Who are your early influences in music?

Early! Umm Mark Bolan, then when I got into electro music it was Ultra Vox that was the biggest influence with albums like systems of the romance, up until 1978 1979 Ultra Vox were the one for me but then they spilt up and reformed, after they reformed they had a lot of success but I didn’t like it as much.

Just one more question, if you were a character in a film how would you like to die?

I don’t care just quickly!

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