Review of Gary Go Album by Gary Go

Review of Gary Go's debut self-titled album.

Gary Go Gary Go Album

Both vocally and musically comparisons to Coldplay have been made about Gary Go's music, and they're not too far off the mark; however it's more the 'filler' style Coldplay rather than the 'killer'.
For the past year, Gary's been constantly on the road touring with MOR acts like Amy MacDonald, The Feeling, The Script and currently with Take That, which really fits perfectly with his musical style and possible audience. Gary Go's self-titled album is quite a lavish affair, no expense spared on production, it's easy listening and would quite happily sit in the background whilst at a middle class dinner party (saying that Refuse To Lose might throw a few people off, it's at this point you see a rockier element to Gary's music.
Overall, the album is inoffensive, it's nice to listen to but there's nothing that will launch Gary into the eyes of the general public as a great song smith.

Rating 6/10
Mike Rea

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