Disgraced pop legend Gary Glitter has no plans to launch a chart comeback - his "official" Twitter.com account has been exposed as a fake.
Fans were stunned when the controversial glam rock icon, real name Paul Gadd, appeared to announce a 2012 tour on a newly-established "official" Twitter.com account earlier this week (beg16Jan12).
Gadd relocated to Vietnam in 1999 after he was found guilty of possessing child pornography in his native Britain, but he was later arrested and charged with committing obscene acts with children in 2005 and ordered to serve three years behind bars.
In 2008, he walked free and returned to his native England and it appeared he was eyeing a return to the spotlight in the coming months.
But now the man behind the tweets has come clean and revealed the Twitter account was just a "social experiment".
Writing on his Tumblr page, the man known simply as Ben, states, "Let me say that this account does not belong to convicted paedophile Gary Glitter. I am deeply disgusted by what Gary Glitter has done in his life and am not condoning, making light of or glorifying child abuse. His crimes are unforgivable and chilling.
"I set this twitter account up as a social experiment to highlight the dangers and safety of children using the social networking sites and to discover and question public morality. It’s been an interesting and eye-opening experience for me."