Disgraced pop idol Gary Glitter fled a Spanish hotel following complaints from guests, according to a report.
Holidaymakers were allegedly horrified to learn the shamed star, who was jailed in Vietnam in 2006 for sexually abusing two young girls, was staying at the complex.
The former glam rock icon is said to have registered at a hotel on the island of Majorca under his real name Paul Gadd but agreed to leave following complaints.
A fellow visitor told Britain's Daily Star Sunday, "He wore a bandanna and had a beard and it was so clear it was him. I was with my two young children and other mums and dads were saying they were very uneasy about having him around the place. We all talked about it in the bar before going to bed, then met up again in the morning to try to get something done because we didn't feel safe having him around.
"He was with a Chinese or Thai-looking bloke. I think they used to walk to the beach most days which was about 100 yards away. We complained to the hotel staff and told them about our concerns on day four of our holiday. The next day a waitress told us that the police had been and that he had left the place.You can understand why people weren't happy having him there because there were loads of families with kids."