Gary Coleman's devastated parents are desperate to know more about the circumstances surrounding the star's death - so they can obtain a sense of "closure" following his tragic passing.
The Diff'rent Strokes star suffered an intracranial haemorrhage after an "accident" at his Utah home on Wednesday (26May10). He was taken off life support after his condition worsened and he passed away on Friday (28May10), but officials at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center have declined to give more details about the incident.
The cause of death has not yet been confirmed - but his heartbroken parents Sue and Willie Coleman, who have been estranged from Gary for the last 10 years, want to know more.
Longtime nurse Sue tells, "We're not pointing fingers at anyone, but we need to know exactly what happened. We're not angry. We're just concerned. Did our son fall down the stairs? Did he fall in the bathtub? We need to have some closure on our son's life.
"We would've loved to have been there by his side at the hospital, to let him know we love him before he passed away. This is a shock to us. We loved Gary very much. We're going to miss him."
And the Colemans are desperately trying to get in touch with Gary's wife Shannon Price, who he married in 2007.
Sue adds, "We respect the relationship our son had with Shannon. When we found out he got married, we thought, 'Well, at least he has someone in his life who he cares about and who cares about him.' We were happy about that. But it's frustrating that we haven't heard from the Price family. But it's possible they didn't even know we existed. Gary may have told her that he didn't have any family."
Coleman sued his parents and business manager in 1989, accusing them of stealing the millions he earned in his career.