When entering a celebrity reality show, the first thing your press officer would tell you is ‘nothing silly’. And they’d be right, but Gary Busey didn’t listen. He was booted from Celebrity Apprentice after portraying a dog in a failed presentation for his team.

It all started with Gary being handed the leader for this particular task. “At least with Gary being team leader he might have to step up and work Lisa Rinna said, optimistically. “I’m not worried about Gary Busey being the team leader because he has me – I am a cheerleader for technology,” Penn Jillette said. But most pleased with this decision was Busey himself, stating: “The project managership is a gift and I’m here to win!” Although it wasn’t long before the actor fell behind. Busey just couldn’t get to grips with the modern technology! “This smartphone is like going to another planet without instructions,” he said. Penn Jillette agreed: “There is no chance Gary can understand it, no chance."

Gary BuseyBusey - acting like a dog will get you fired from most places, even The Apprentice

This all ended in a truly bizarre presentation from Busey et al, with the Oscar-nominated actor trying to implement his skills at an ill-advised juncture. “What will LG think of next – a mechanical dog?” he announced, before acting like a robotic dog. “Where did the mechanical dog come from?” asked Penn. Lisa Rinna added “I don’t know what is up and down anymore”. Busey, you’re fired.