An angry driver has filed a police report accusing actor Gary Busey of rear-ending her car and leaving the scene of the accident.

A video obtained by shows the unnamed female following the 79-year-old 'Lethal Weapon' star as he drives along a road in Malibu, California with the woman yelling out of the window at him and alleging he hit her car and left without exchanging insurance information.

She told the website she was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway when Busey's car pulled out of a shopping centre and smashed into her back bumper.

In the clip, the she is heard telling Busey: "Sir you hit my car, I need your information," before he speeds away. She later catches up with him again at a parking lot outside a restaurant and again asks him to exchange information with her.

Busey is caught on camera telling her his insurance company is Progressive before adding: "I'm private". The furious driver then continues to ask him to provide his details, telling the star: "It doesn't matter, you hit me. You hit my car! No you rear-ended me! You can't hit someone and then leave." states a report has been filed with police accusing the star of leaving the scene of an accident.

Busey is best known for his roles in films such as 'Point Break', 'Under Siege' and 'Predator 2'. He was previously involved in a near-death motorcycle accident in 1988 which his son Luke later claimed totally altered his dad's personality after he underwent brain surgery to repair the damage.

Luke told The Hollywood Reporter: "At 17, I had to teach him with my mom to talk, to eat, to feed himself. To walk again. To write. That was very difficult for me at that age. The post-accident version of him turned his personality up to 11. I feel like I lost my dad on December 4, 1988."

Busey previously told the Guardian newspaper of his crash: "About 25 years ago, I had an accident on a Harley-Davidson. I went off the bike without a helmet, hit my head into a [curb], split my skull, passed away after brain surgery and went to the other side – the spiritual realm where I got information. And I came back, and these messages, these definitions, came to me first-class. I'll think of a word and write the word down without thinking."