Take That will fall apart with ''any less than three'' band members, according to Gary Barlow.

The 45-year-old singer believes if remaining band members Mark Owen or Howard Donald were to follow in Jason Orange and part-time member Robbie Williams' footsteps and quit the group the 'Back For Good' hitmakers will fall apart and never be able to carry on as a duo.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper about the bands future, he said: ''It can't get any less than three.''

And the musician has warned budding boy bands that they will always feel like they are being judged and critiqued by people even if you do feel safe with your record deal.

He explained: ''We come from a time where I felt everybody was making boy bands, you couldn't put them together quick enough. Disposable teenage boys.

''Even when you are in a group, you've got your record deal, the audition never really stops. People are always judging what you do. The idea that the audition is the end of it is wrong.

''If you want to be in the business on a nightly basis you are being re-auditioned.''

And Barlow has revealed as the number of top hits stack up, so does the increasing amount of pressure.

He explained: ''It's even harder when you've done well because people think, 'He's not as good as he used to be.'

''You are in this constant battle. At the same time, that is a thrill. Trying to up the game ... that's the long challenge.''